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Welcome to the AppDat Handbook #

The single source of truth for all documentation and user guides relating to the APPDAT Platform. AppDat strives to be a documentation first platform in the same vain as described quite well by the all-remote company Gitlab, in their article “The importance of a handbook-first approach to documentation” launch .

As described in the Gitlab Handbook:

“…the outsized benefits of intentionally writing down and organizing process, culture, and solutions are staggering. Conversely, avoiding structured documentation is the best way to instill a low-level sense of chaos and confusion that hampers growth across the board.”

Collaboration #

AppDat’s primary focus is supporting collaboration between NASA and the many different commercial, international, and academic partners; by providing a cloud-native launch , zero trust launch , data and systems environment that is accessible and most importantly extensible to all of NASA and NASA’s partners.

AppDat Data Environment

AppDat’s approach to enabling the above relies on a continuously evolving set of core technologies and processes, which are described throughout this handbook.

Using this Handbook #

If you are new to AppDat the best place to start is with the Overview .

You may also make a selection from side menu to view the different pages within each of section.